Instant and Accurate Results.  Guaranteed.


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Why Tally Genie?

1. Immediate and complete results for all awards.


2. 100% guaranteed accurate.


3. Reduce or eliminate your tabulating/auditing staff.


4. Enhance your professional image with computerized judging.


5. Reduce or eliminate the delay before presenting awards. 


6. Detailed audit report shows how each award was calculated.



If you want immediate and accurate results for your events, you want Tally Genie, the web-based app that delivers guaranteed accurate results immediately after the final score is entered.  Tally Genie is flexible enough to handle almost any scoring configuration.


Tally Genie works for most any type of event that requires judging to determine winners (such as talent shows, pageants, and modeling competitions).  Tally Genie is built using state-of-the-art technology.  It runs on most any device with a web browser (such as Apple iPads and laptops).  You can have any number of devices running Tally Genie simultaneously.  Best of all, you can put your mind at ease because the results are 100% guaranteed.  


So why wait?  You have nothing to lose, except for a lot of time-consuming and error-prone tabulating; plus that awkward delay before the awards ceremony can begin.  Step into the twenty-first century and let Tally Genie do the heavy lifting of tabulating and auditing.  


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With Tally Genie, Eliminate Human Errors

The most common spots where human error occurs in many judged events include:


1. Transposing hand-written scores into an electronic system.

2. Using Excel and/or calculators for complex tabulations.

3. Resetting the event parameters after each elimination round.

4. Copying the final results into a format for the emcee to read.


Tally Genie eliminates transposing when judges enter scores directly into the system using tablet or notebook computers.  From then on, no manual intervention occurs, regardless of how complex your event's scoring algorithm is.  Tally Genie even creates a simple list of winners for your emcee to read from.  


Simple.  Efficient.  Cost effective.

With Tally Genie, Ensure Judging Integrity

Tally Genie's judging analytics clearly point out where a judge's scoring falls outside of normal statistical boundaries.  This allows you to identify a judge who either doesn't understand how to judge or is judging in an unethical manner.


Eliminating both human errors and ensuring judging integrity provides all of your events with consistent, accurate, and equitable results.

Tally Genie - Simple Steps

  • Before your event

    • Define areas of competition, divisions, elimation rounds, and awards
      (for subsequent events, this takes 30 seconds)

    • Register contestants

  • During your event

    • Register contestants

    • Enter scores

    • Process elimination rounds (if applicable to your event)

    • Receive simple results ready for the emcee to read

  • After your event

    • Send score sheets to contestants (optional)

Accounting Firms Love Tally Genie Too

If your event requires that an accounting firm or CPA validates the scoring, Tally Genie comes to the rescue again.  Tally Genie's patent-pending algorithms clearly show the following:


  • No scores have been omitted
  • All scores are within your event's valid range of scoring values
  • No dual-entry errors (when judges enter scores directly)
  • All computations are correct
  • Analytics show statistical integrity of judging

What's the Return on Investment?

Read about three actual case studies that demonstrate how Tally Genie is a cost-effective solution regardless of the size of the event.
Tally Genie ROI case studies.pdf
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